About Us

The Paediatric Society of Ghana is a Child Health Awareness and Advocacy non-governmental organization, which seeks to promote the health and well-being of all children in Ghana. Membership is open to all Paediatricians, Residents, General Medical Practitioners and all other health professionals as well as members of the general public who share in its vision. As part of its activities, members of the society hold monthly business meetings and engage in other activites that promote the health and wellbeing of children such as public forums on various paediatric topics, medical outreaches and workshops for health care workers (such as newborn resuscitation and essential newborn care workshops).

Objectives of the Society

The objectives of the society are directed towards the promotion of friendship and understanding among Paediatricians and all professionals dedicated to the promotion of the Society:

  • Spread Knowledge

    To promote the acquisition and dissemination of paediatric knowledge

  • Collaborate Globally

    To cooperate with national, regional and international bodies with similar interests

  • Promote Standards

    To promote the maintenance of appropriate standards of paediatric practice among medical practitioners and health professionals in Ghana

  • Encourage Research

    To encourage research into all aspects of paediatrics

  • Kindle Interest

    To kindle the interest of the Government and the people of Ghana in the conditions which constitute a threat to the life and health of children and thereby to promote the good health and well-being of children


Therer are four types of membership of the Society:

  • Paediatricians (Fellows):

    These shall be members of the Society who are accredited Paediatricians

  • Members

    Residents and all other registered Medical Practitioners who are actively involved in the promotion of health and treatment of disease in children

  • Associate Members

    Persons whose profession involves the medical care and/or the protection of the health of children (e.g Paediatric Nurses, Midwives, Public Health Nurses, Medical Social Workers, etc.)

  • Honorary Members

    Outstanding personalities who by their work, actions and generosity have demonstrated a love for children and an interest in the promotion of good health and welfare of children.

Members of Executive Council

Partner Organizations and Sponsors