• The Paediatric Society of Ghana is a vibrant society seeking to improve the wellbeing of children in Ghana through advocacy and education.

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Message From The President
I am extremely proud to be taking over the Presidency of the Paediatric Society of Ghana which has been looked after so well by my predecessor Dr. Theresa Retig and her executives. We say Ayekoo to them. Good communication between the society and the wider public is extremely important and it is exhilarating to reach members and the public for the first time via our website. It is a defining moment in our history! This can be captured in one statement as “Turning the tide”. This pivotal moment I believe, would foster the phenomenal growth of the Paediatric Society of Ghana, as we reach out to our members who are core to everything that we do and also the public. A strong network of professionals who care for children is now in place by the very birth of our website. Congratulations to all who made this possible.

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Latest Media Release/Blog

    • 23 MAY 17
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    “Why Bother Doctor; she’s going to Die Anyway?”

    “Why Bother Doctor; she’s going to Die Anyway?”

    The case of Mansa: A true story We (clinicians) had just confirmed that the underlying cause of sweet 4 year old Mansa’s (not her real name unsettling fever and bone pain) was actually a type of childhood cancer of the blood called Leukemia. This was after about 6 weeks of hospital admission, blood transfusions, several

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Parents Corner

    • 17 NOV 16
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    It was on Tuesday, April 7th 2015, a day after celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. My wife and I went to the hospital for a regular antenatal review. But she complained of some unusual sensations in her body so I asked her to report it to the doctor during the review. She went through

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    Membership is open to all Paediatricians, Residents, General Medical Practitioners and all other health professionals as well as members of the general public. For more information about the society click the read more button.
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